Short Post: The Secret to Happiness

Short Post: The Secret to Happiness

When we have social media and the internet in the palm of our hand every day and lives of luxury displayed on TV on the regular, it’s easy to get caught up in it all and to strive to mimic what we see on our screens. It’s easy to feel unhappy with our lot in life. However, when we take a step back and realize that itch to keep moving on to the next best thing, we see that we forget how much we actually have in the grand scheme of things. While focusing on that super cute designer outfit that girl on Instagram is wearing, we scroll past the sobering, real-life picture of the child battling cancer stuck in a cold, sterile hospital instead of rolling around outside in the sunshine in the dirt and the grass where she should be. While we are focusing on how glamorous that world traveler’s lifestyle looks, we scroll past the sweet and simple photo of our friend with her precious child, just relaxing at home in their humble abode.

There will always be someone with a seemingly better life than ours. However, we need to remember to take a step back and realize that their life may, in fact, not be all it appears. We need to remember that our own lives are beautiful in their own ways. If we have a warm place to sleep at night, food to eat at each meal, and someone, even if it’s just one person, who loves us with all their heart, then we are so lucky. We are so blessed.

Take a moment every day to dwell on how beautiful life is. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, the fall-short-of’s, or what we don’t have. Let’s remember to focus, rather, on all that we do have, all that we get to experience, and be thankful for the little things. I like that saying, “appreciate the little things, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” How true this statement is! For me, I’m beyond grateful for my sweet baby boy. You could take away all my earthly treasures – just leave me him and I’m happy as a clam. 

I hope that this little tidbit encourages you, whomever you are reading this, to live a more grateful life. Life really opens up and becomes so much more beautiful when we choose to be grateful, when we learn to see the positive things all around us! Take the time to notice the small miracles in life, whether it’s the smile on your loved one’s face when they see you, the rain coming down on a sleepy day to water the earth, or the fact that we get to choose what we want to eat on any given occasion. We live such a wonderful life – when you look at it this way, it’s hard to ever be down!

I’m convinced that this is the simple secret to happiness.