You Don’t Have to Make Enemies to Make Progress

You Don’t Have to Make Enemies to Make Progress

In a world where women may feel like they need to be tough, blunt, and mean to get stuff done, it seems like there’s no room for us to be kind, understanding, and frankly ourselves (if you’ve got that type of personality). In the working world, when you work with men especially, it may seem like you oftentimes do need to put up this front to get anything done or get any respect. However, it seems like it’s being pushed to the extent where we are encouraged to just be straight up rude.

You don’t need to make enemies to make progress.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you do need to tell it like it is, be short, or not sugarcoat things in order to get your point across. But is anyone else tired of being told you need to be a grump all the time to make your mark in the working world? I know I am. And I’ve actually found that I don’t need to be mean to get something done for me. In actuality, I get most stuff done for me by being nice, respectful, and understanding. In my working experience, I’ve worked with all kinds of people: the rich and the poor, the blue collar and the white collar, the high and low man on the totem pole, etc. etc. In the past year, I’ve worked with construction workers, men in high positions, and oftentimes very difficult clientele. The secret to keeping it together and getting stuff done? Kindness. Understanding. Honesty. Patience.

Work is 10% your duties and 90% how you do them.

I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had to get short with someone, and even then, it’s more along the lines of “please help me out here because I’m just tired of going in circles and I just want this to be done and over with.” Even then, I am understanding if someone is unable to do something if their hands are tied, if it’s out of their control. At that point, asking for a simple favor to be done for you personally is the way to get things done. Getting favors done for you is probably going to be next to impossible if you’ve been rude and unappreciative of people in the past. However, if you’ve made it a point to get on their level and understand where they are coming from and respect them and their work, you’ll likely get many favors done for you, and done for you personally.

I believe that work is 10% your duties and 90% how you do them. Included in that 90% is how you work with other people. In most of the jobs out there, you will have to work with people of some sort, and how you work with them or against them can spell success or failure for you directly. Be someone who is wonderful to work with, and you will be successful in whatever you do. You don’t have to make enemies to make progress. If you feel like you do, I would consider employment elsewhere. I’ve had to do this in the past. Don’t be afraid to leave a toxic work environment just because it means a paycheck is coming in. A healthy work environment should cultivate the best in you and bring out your greatest qualities. Be a part of a work environment where you can ultimately be yourself and cultivate your strengths!