How to Be the Employee Every Employer Wants on Their Team

How to Be the Employee Every Employer Wants on Their Team

We all want a good job that we enjoy, where we can feel useful, and where we can leave at the end of the day feeling fulfilled in some way or another. When a job like that comes along and we are fortunate enough to snag it, we should be so wise as to do everything we can to keep it! How do you keep a job? Well, amongst other things, some of the most important and obvious things are: doing your job, doing it well, respecting your supervisor and colleagues, being honest, and being reliable. If all of these are interwoven into how we go about our job, chances are, unless your company has some serious problems that are simply far bigger than you, you’ll be able to stick around as long as you’d like.

Here, I’ve outlined the points above in more detail:


1. Do your job.

This seems obvious, but I’ve seen so many times where people simply do not do their job. They then wonder why they get let go.  If you are fortunate to be hired to get paid to do something, do it! It’s an agreement you have between yourself and the employer. If you can’t keep up your end of the deal for whatever reason, find other employment, or muster up some more motivation.


2. Do it well.

Do your job and do it well. So many people just scoot by and do the bare minimum. They should know that customers/clients, their colleagues, and their employer will all notice. This does not bode well for someone hoping to stay at their job for very long, or for someone who hopes to advance at all. Doing a job well means putting in effort, going the extra mile when possible, having a great or at the very least tolerable attitude while at work. Take pride in your work. Put what you think you are worth into your daily duties at work. People will notice, and people will either appreciate you for it or resent you for not doing it.


3. Respect your colleagues and supervisor.

This one is huge. Respecting those you work with is probably the biggest thing to take into consideration, because if you do this one, all the others should fall into place.  If you respect your colleagues and supervisor, you’ll do your job and do it well so they won’t have to pick up your slack. You’ll be honest and reliable because you know that they deserve that from you. A great team is made of honesty and reliability. Without honesty, someone can take the heat for your mistake or vice versa. Without reliability, everyone can suffer if you don’t do what you said you would or don’t show up to work on time or at all. Respecting those you work with and for is probably the biggest key to success in the workplace. Be the employee everyone else loves. If everyone loves you, they will always talk you up, and your employer will hear about it. On the same note, if you’re a less than stellar employee and don’t respect those around you, your boss will also hear about it.


4. Be honest.

There isn’t much to this one. Be honest at work. Just do it. Nothing good ever came from an employee who lied about something. Admitting a mistake shows a lot of integrity and that you’re not afraid of improving yourself. It saves a lot of heartache and discomfort later on down the road that could’ve been avoided with a little honesty. Honesty is just good. Practice it.


5. Be reliable.

Show up for work. I used to work at a place where employees would regularly just not show up for their scheduled shift – no call, no show. I will never understand this. Don’t do this. Ever. If you do, work on your time management and organizational skills. Manage yourself better.

Get to work on time. If you’re going to be late, give the team and/or your boss a heads up ahead of time.

Do what you say you’re going to do. If you make a promise, keep it. If you break it, someone else is going to have to pick up your slack and take time out of their busy schedule to do it. If it’s a mistake, apologize and do all that you can to ensure it doesn’t happen again. No big deal though. Everyone makes mistakes and those who matter will value an apology.

Go above and beyond. You can be reliable by doing a little extra when needed, or by helping someone out without being asked. This will go a long way. Not only will you feel awesome, but you will be greatly appreciated.


6. Communicate.

It’s as simple as that. Communicate, and communicate well. If you have a problem with something or someone, bring it up to your supervisor in a professional and clear way. Be as objective and fair about it as possible, but do share how you feel about it. If you have an idea on how to improve something, share it! Be prepared to have it challenged and be ready to support it, as your supervisor will likely not want to waste time on an afterthought. If something is going wrong or about to go wrong, let your supervisor know! Even if it’s your fault. A good and wise supervisor will not scold you. Rather, they will work with you on how to fix things. Don’t worry about being perfect. If you have to worry about that, find a different supervisor/job.

All in all, to be an employee that every employer wants on their team, just be an all-around badass. Have a killer attitude. Make people want to be around you. Build others up. Do your job amazingly. Don’t worry about other people. Focus on you and how you can be the best employee and it will be noticed. If it isn’t, time to find another workplace you can be an asset to!