Labor Day!

Labor Day!

Ok, not the Labor Day that everyone celebrates, but my own Labor Day! May 30, 2017 – the best day of my life even if I didn’t know it yet at the time.

Makoa wasn’t due until June 11, but I guess he was so excited after hearing me laugh all the time at how great the world would be that he decided to join the party sooner!

On May 29th, my husband James and I were at Lowe’s buying ceiling fans. We spent about 2 hours at Lowe’s that day (Lowe’s is fun, ok?) walking around. I’m convinced this is what led to the events of the next morning.

On May 30th at about 4:30am, I got up to pee. I was planning to go to work that day as usual. The second I lay back down in bed to get another hour and a half of sleep, I felt “the trickle.”  30 minutes later I woke up hubs and said we’re going to the hospital! We packed things up (my hospital bag was only half packed) and were out of the house at about 5:30am. Head here to see my list of an purely essentials-only hospital bag.)

Once at the hospital (I hadn’t had any contractions start yet), I was checked and admitted, and they began the pitocin to induce labor. I can’t remember exactly how long it took, but it didn’t seem like very long, until the contractions started to get unbearable. I had always planned to get the epidural – I had no doubts, and boy, was I was ready. After they placed it, everything became relaxing again. I even took a nap! For me it was great, I still had half the feeling in my legs, but the painful area was the only area that was numb – thank you, sweet heaven.

The moments when the room is preparing for you to push are so exciting, a bit scary, and just so full of anticipation. As a first-time mom, I of course didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to the epidural, I was only “quite” uncomfortable as I’m sure the contractions were insane in reality by now. I felt the immense pressure and the nurse even let me feel Makoa’s head which was already right. there.  ?!

It was finally time to push. The moment had arrived. It still didn’t feel real. I just remember thinking, “LET’S DO THIS!”

With just a few pushes when I thought I would pass out because I was pushing so hard and not breathing,






And I cried my first cry….

as a MOM.

All the craziness, excitement, and beautiful chaos that proceeded in that room was subsequently blurred out and silenced when my perfect child was placed on my chest. In those moments, I could see, hear, and feel nothing but him. I didn’t even know my husband cut the chord, I was so entranced by my new baby! I had to see a video of it afterwards as proof!

What a beautiful moment in my life it was. Of course I had no idea how much it would change my life, but that’s the point of this blog, right?

(Can we also just take a second here to appreciate all the nurses and doctors that deliver life into the world on a daily basis? Seriously. Angels. Let’s not forget about the postpartum care nurses too! My SAVIORS!)

I absolutely love hearing birth stories! Feel free to share yours with me! It’s an awesome way to connect with other moms that I just love.

Already smiling!