I’ve always said that having a baby is everything everyone tells you it’s like – almost exactly. But, you don’t really honestly know what they mean until it happens. The sleeplessness, the stress, the helplessness, all of it is so very real. Knowing that most people go through it at some point in their lives (if they have children) is probably the only thing that even gets us through it all. If you’re like me, you always look for the silver lining in things. The thoughts that got me through the worst times were “thank God I didn’t have twins (or more)” (I don’t know how those mamas do it – truly superwomen), “try to enjoy the good parts about this stage and not focus on the bad,” and generally just accepting and embracing the hardship was what got me through each moment. Also reminding myself that I was a badass mama helped 🙂

When Makoa was born, he was alert, healthy, and latched immediately. I counted myself as blessed. My labor was pretty great. Here’s the full labor story if you’re at all interested (I love hearing other mommys’ stories! Please share! 🙂 )

As a newborn, he was pretty typical. He only ate, slept, and pooped. He didn’t cry much, except for when he was hungry. Otherwise, he slept through even the loudest noise and through the wettest diapers. The only thing that made this stage very difficult was the newborn sleep pattern (or lack thereof). Getting used to that was the absolute pits. However, once I embraced it and accepted it as a part of this phase, it just became easier. As everyone says, it came and left rather quickly, although when you’re in the thick of it, it seems to last forever.

His movements were slow and tired. He made the funniest noises and always made a tiny O shape with his lips which I thought was the cutest thing!

All in all – a really good baby!


4 days old, 3 A.M.